So I went to the clinic today after a bus ride there, a bus ride home, the realisation I should of actually gone, and a bus ride back. It wasn't as bad as I expected. In the waiting room I seen two girls who go to the school I used to attend, and one conveniently lives two doors away from my nan. How lovely it was been to awkwardly smiling at her, remembering where I seen her last.

They called my name and I explained my scenario to the nurse who's facial expression is best explained by 'so why the fuck are you here?'. I proceeded to explain that I am a stresser and a hypochondria who needs reassurence. So I took a test and it was negative, she said it was 100% so I can stop worrying.

I am not pregnant!

She gave me more contraception, despite me telling her I can just get a repeat prescription so no thanks, however she insisted and I am 'luckily' stocked up on pills for the next 6 months woop. She gave me condoms too, well I asked for them, so there will be no reenactment of me for the past 5 weeks - hysterical.

I am never having unprotected sex again.

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  1. God, I hate that feeling. Unprotected sex scares me like nothing else... It's just not worth it.
    Glad to hear you're safe (: