a a a levels...

In hindsight, over the past few weeks I have just been hysterical, when there is no need for me to be.

Today is 'A-level results day' and I am panicing now! It is 6.27am at 6.30am the results get uploaded online to like your student secction thing on our college's website. When I log on and look tomorrow I will cry at the monstrosity that is my History result. Just reminiscing of the jumbled up crap I wrote on my exam makes me sad. I don't know why I did it, I panicked at the word 'domestic policies'. What the fuck? Who gives a fuck anyway, about Britain 1906-1951? Lloyd George, I hate you and your 'domestic policies in 1918 onwards'. Resitting will be awful, having to relive the past 5 months, but it has to be done. At least I will do better on the Vietnam paper woop!!


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  1. I hope things went okay :) I am not jealous of you at all, a-levels were terrifying.
    Resits aren't too bad, I resat almost all my a-level papers and I'm at a good uni :) xxx