I went to the doctors he said it is probably acid in my stomach from stressing out so much about being pregnant and I have probably caused a stomach ulcer too. I asked for a blood test for pregnancy he said no, take these tablets and if they don't work I will give you a blood test if you really want. But I just continued to freak out and cry and the pains were so intense so I spoke to my mum about it, which wasn't as awkward as I thought, and she helped calm my nerves by reassuring me the tests are really accurate and I had 2a nd if you were pregnant you don't feel anything for months so my pains are just acid from worrying.

I have lost half a stone with worrying (or I think about 3kg), I am now 6st7lb what the fuck? I stepped on the scales the other day thinking hm have I gained weight looking for 'pregnancy signs'... *shock horror* 6st7lb!

I need to learn to calm the fuck down and not stress out !!

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