happiness is a blessing

My results were good: ABBC

Psychology - A
Maths - B
Critical Thinking - B
History - C

I was 1% from a B in History :( However my college is appealing and getting them remarked because so many people done so bad. I am relatively happy though, I just look at other people who got UUU (U is un markable) ... and then I feel so much better about life.

In general life is good, however I am still freaking out about being pregnant. Why do I do it to myself? I google things and just become hysterical. I have had 2 periods since it happened, I messed up take my pill, I took a test which was negative. I went today and took another urine test, which was negative. However now I read on line some people have negative tests at the doctors and still are pregnant because they're not senstivite enough to detect pregnancy. I have been having really bad pains like in my stomach and my lower abdomen is tender... therefore I am freaking out again.

Why why why :(

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